From today’s perspective, the past looks simple, carefree and comforting.

We see it as a time when design was intuitive and spontaneous.

With Nebbia, we explore the primitive impulse to decorate and adorn – but through colour and texture we give it a sophistication appropriate to modern spaces.

Yesterday’s spirit in a contemporary setting.

Objects once discarded are now celebrated, and we find beauty in the ravages of time – in well-worn textiles, grading colours, tarnished metals and distressed fabrics.
The patina of the past, reinvented for today’s interiors.

  • Inspired by a trend towards heritage, history and a ‘lived-in’ look, the Vintage Collection can complement a variety of interior fixtures and furnishings – in virtually any type of space or location.
  • Pile yarns and backing contain (pre consumer) recycled material, reducing environmental impact.
  • Ornate, Refine and Reissue have ‘Cool Carpet’ as standard, which means their carbon emissions are offset during their entire lifecycle.
  • The ranges retain their appearance superbly and are suitable for all situations – even heavy traffic areas.
  • With such durability, and a range of installation methods and colours, the Vintage Collection keeps appearances up and costs down, while offering you complete freedom of expression.

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